Temanta Coaching was founded in 2021 by Alisha Kasahara. Alisha is a Confidence and Intimacy Coach who helps women recovering from breakups, divorces, or health issues. She went through a traumatic breakup in her early twenties when a man she thought she was going to marry betrayed her in a way that she thought she’d never recover. After that heartbreak, she spent years finding and learning to love herself.

Several years later, after finding love and a healthy relationship, she found herself periodically waking up in the middle of the night choking. After ruling out sleep apnea, the otolaryngologist did a routine check-up and found a small lump in her throat. He scheduled an ultrasound and biopsy, all while assuring her that she was far too young for anything more than a swollen lymph node. Nervous to hear her results, I guess you could say Alisha had a lump in her throat. And then came the inevitable, the actual cause behind the lump in her throat— thyroid cancer.

While the discovery was shocking, nothing could prepare her for the news she would receive while undergoing treatment for her cancer. Her grandfather, closer to a father figure than her own father, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. After losing him in May of 2020, Alisha was a crumbled mess and a shell of her former self. After taking time to pick herself up from back-to-back traumas, she was inspired by her own healing to use her voice and create a platform to help other women going through a similar darkness overcome it and step into a life where they feel in control. With the right tools and coaching, every woman can feel beautiful, loved, and strong enough to overcome anything life throws her way.