SEO and Social Media 2019

Is It Easier or Harder Now?

We all know that SEO and Social Media change on a regular basis, but it changes a lot more than you think! Let’s even compare from as recent as two or three years ago. In an ever-growing market, algorithms continuously change to meet the demand of a growing audience.  How we searched for images and content is nothing like it was a couple years ago.

Here a couple ways things have changed:

  •      Less is more: Having a bunch of pages isn’t as great as it once was.   Now, Google favors websites that have fewer pages, but more useful content. Filling up our website with useless junk, just for content, may actually be hurting you more than you think!
  •      User interface: It seems as though website that are more user friendly, eye catching, and interacting are performing better than those that are informational.  Being easy to read on a mobile phone is also critical these days, as a majority of people will visit your site from their mobile phone.
  •      Quality Content: Google changes their algorithm on a DAILY basis.  They’re constantly trying to find better ways to filter through millions of pages on the internet. They want the best quality content, as fast as possible. That being said, their algorithm for SEO changes every day, as well. You need to constantly be trying new things to improve your ranking.
  •      Links: Google is now able to distinguish faulty backlinks to your website.  Links done with black-hat methods are now causing sites to dramatically decrease in ranking. They’re making sure the links that point to your website are legitimate and informational.  You can’t just join pages that blast your link everywhere anymore.
  •      Google UI Changes: There are so many ways to show up on a Google search. Between ads, videos, voice search, images, shopping, and manual searches, there is no telling which method will point someone to your webpage.  This is why it’s crucial that your webpage have access from all platforms of social media, as well as images and videos.
  •      Social Media and Competition: Social Media has become a critical element to every company’s marketing campaign.  There are more people looking for to social media for advertising these days than radio or television.  With that in mind, hundreds of thousands of corporate companies, bloggers, influencers, and the like are all flocking to these platforms to make a living and maximize their growth and reach potential.  Because of this influx, people are constantly finding new ways to stand out in a sea of advertisements. You need to stay on top of new trends in order to remain “trendy”.

As I’m sure you can see now, those are a few of many reasons why SEO and Social Media from two or three years ago is completely different than what it is now.  Our expectations, the algorithms, and our audience are way different than it was before. I’m sure the difference in trends will look be even greater two or three years from now.  The best we can do is continue to hone our skills and grow quickly to keep up with the changes! It’s time to come up with a market strategy different from everyone else’s and make a STATEMENT!

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